How Project Controls Can Improve Project Delivery

Two challenging situations which tend to occur during construction projects include; slippages of project schedules and overruns of project costs. However, it requires project control services to solve these two issues far before they take place. The severity of these situations can be mitigated if due attention is paid to the pre-construction stages and proper implementation of project controls. Old project control techniques only focus on solving construction problems rather than incorporating efficiency into various construction processes. The following components reflect the core requirements of a robust project control system:

  • Cost management
  • Scheduling and estimating
  • Filed progress measurement
  • Change control
  • Presentations and reporting
  • Project information modeling
  • Advanced work packaging

Cost control

The owners and controllers establish the initial budget based on design and other requirements. A realistic estimate of the cost is also established to execute the work. Cost control system anticipates all program requirements from bidding and planning to construction and turnover. Once the initial budget is established and approved, it should not be amended afterward. Cost control is a systematic process which requires continual cost management and monitoring to keep track of the targeted budget and actual costs.

Schedule management

Scheduling is about developing a timeline for delivering the project and project activities. It ensures timely delivery of key project parts. Detailed project schedules determine major phases and activities assigned to different team members. Mapping all activities to a timeline which measures key dates is helpful in measuring and monitoring progress. Schedule management is directly linked with the cost, scope, and quality of a project.

Project control systems ensure smooth and successful implementation during construction phases of projects as they are typically executed in a fast-paced, cost-conscious, and deadline‐driven environment.

Project control software

Software capabilities play a key role in controlling large construction projects. It becomes easy and feasible to handle complex situations and processes. Taking into account the information required and end-user will assist in selecting the right program designed to support the project at hand. The software must consistently integrate all the important aspects: estimating, progressing, cost management, scheduling, and simulations.

Delivering and measuring quality

Complex and lengthy processes encompassing a broad range of activities and elements lead to a good design. A project controls company measures building quality and major attributes that constitute a successful project. From building stability and functionality to quality, implementing right project control systems improve project delivery.

Construction project management generally includes complicated tasks which require strong skills, problem-solving capabilities and deep knowledge of the construction processes.

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