Understand, Analyze, and clearly communicate using video.

Visual communication provides coherent prompt messaging for stakeholders.

Large projects involve multiple stakeholders that need to be sufficiently informed of project plans and designs. Using 2D images to illustrate designs can create problems for stakeholders attempting to visualize the project, leaving them feeling uncertain and hesitant. Computer generated construction simulations provide a clear visual representation of construction over time. This is why 3D construction videos are so important for introducing and presenting projects.

Our construction simulation solution, combines 3D models and construction schedules to produce an accurate video of the entire project plan. Our software rapidly links schedule dates with 3D model objects to produce a visualization of the schedule. Since the process is fast it allows us to update videos quickly at regular intervals, as schedules are refined.

Compiling fast construction presentations makes it feasible for us to use simulations on large complex construction models. Construction simulations of complex projects provide better communication and more detailed association of the work scope as well as being useful for.

  • Schedule comparisons
  • Layout and construction area planning
  • Construction progress
  • Look ahead planning
  • Safety planning

The value of communicating using video to visualize the construction plans is immense. Construction simulations that we produce engage stakeholders, and are the best way to communicate project plans.

Our Construction Presentations provide:


Clear concise messaging of the project


Fast and efficient accurate representation of the construction plan


Streamline workflow able to produce different plans for comparisons


Accurate association of the work scope, visual checking and optimization

Visual Communication ensures that a clear, unified message is delivered.

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