Traditionally compiling work packages is a tedious, error prone manual intensive process. The major challenge is controlling work packages over several work areas, with effective resource allocation over the course of the project in alignment with the approved plan. Work packaging has become a best practice because of proven benefits. The business case for adopting these processes is a 25% improvement in field productivity which equates up to a 10% saving of Total Installed Cost.

The downside to workface planning is that it is manual and time consuming. To resolve this we automated the workface planning and package generation. Our investment in scheduling technology, estimating solutions, and information modeling has enabled us to provide solutions that provide automated tools for the workface planning processes.

One of the advantages of using information models is the capability to visually plan and build a project before actual execution of the work. 4D construction simulations where the schedule of the planned work is created within the framework of a project information model, using this software tool allow us to create work packages for one crew to execute in no more than 1000 labour hours.

Having the schedule residing in the information model, allows us to automate the task of aligning planning and execution activates over the course of the project. Our solution provides for advanced work packaging at project setup and over the course of interactive planning prior to issuing engineering and construction work packages. The process reduces the time needed to create work packages and overcomes the challenges of controlling and releasing work packages over project work areas with effective resource allocation in alignment with the approved plan.

Our Work Packaging provides:


Fast efficient disciplined approaches for work face planning package creation.


Structured workflow through orderly planning, execution, and monitoring of installation work packages.


Work packaging integrated with engineering, procurement, construction, and project controls.

Improved Productivity

The process provides a disciplined approach for improving project productivity and predictability.

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