Project Controls Reporting

We implement effective project reporting solutions to meet the most challenging aspects of project monitoring.

Our project reporting experts gather the essential progress information from all construction phases necessary for effective project monitoring and control.

Specialty Plant Services (SPS) reports provide transparent, accurate and consistent construction status information. Over the past decade, we have refined our proven systems to effectively monitor and report on physical construction progress.

Cost and schedule deviations at completion versus baseline values are common occurrences in the construction industry. Project teams that do not discover these deviations in a timely manner prompt late or ineffective corrective actions. The inability to detect and quantify these deviations has the potential of creating sizable cost and schedule overruns.

Appropriate project decision-making depends on the timely delivery of accurate construction information. Our sophisticated data gathering, analysis, and reporting systems for tracking and controlling underlying issues are essential to detect and control performance.

We have developed unique project controls software solutions that are transparent, efficient, precise, and cost-effective.

Our project reporting tool utilizes a vast collection of data for analytics and reporting. Data is managed at a component level, permitting drilled down reporting necessary for detailed project investigation. In addition to project specific reporting requirements, the system produces the following industry standard


  • Progress & Manpower curves
  • Progress & Cost curves
  • Commodity Curves
  • Rates of Placement
  • Labour Histogram
  • Project Performance Profile
  • Key Performance Indicators

In addition to standard tables and graphs, we can produce reports within the 3D model. These 3-D reports are quick intuitive communication tools for visualization of construction data. The 3D reports clearly communicate information on location, schedule, and cost status necessary for decision-making.

Our construction reporting solutions offer:

Real Time information

Keep stakeholders informed and updated through various platforms


Clear and accurate reporting

Effective project reporting and systems

Clearly defined objectives and better risk management

Our automated reporting system provides analytical measurement of construction progress that is equated to the planned schedule and cost. As a result, project decision –making is empowered with the accumulation of accurate project information for better project control.

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