The Value of Project Controls in Construction Project Management

Project controls are generally defined as the data gathering, analytical and management processes that are employed to understand, predict, and constructively influence the efficiency and outcomes of a project. It is essential to establish communication of information in a format that may lead to effective management and decision making. The project controls in construction project management encompass all stages of a project from initial estimating to final delivery. Every construction project comes up with an opportunity to improve delivery, achieve greater profitability and owner satisfaction.

In order to achieve success, a construction project requires an integrated team effort of architects, contractors, project controls experts, and the owner. Developing a better understanding of associated project risks and the role of developmental team help contractors implement controls that improve profitability, reduce overall risk, and increase customer satisfaction. Large construction projects are often complex and involve a number of stakeholders: taxpayers, investors, public agencies, and community members, which leads to high visibility. As a result, project delivery team deals with the additional risks and administrative burden when taking on a project.

Project controls

The project control environment is run by policies, measurable tasks, and procedures to manage cost estimation, administer the project documentation, communicate with the stakeholders, and schedule control aspects of a project. It is critical to determine certain cost, estimating, and schedule requirements. Owner of a project has to establish certain requirements with which he expects to accomplish a reasonable amount of control over the activities of the contractor. A contractor is responsible for all activities associated with project and document control that are to be carried out. Following are some of the functions of a construction project control environment:

  • Construction estimating
  • Cost management
  • Construction scheduling
  • Field progress measurement
  • Quantity surveying
  • Project controls reporting

Cost management deals with the systems and procedures proposed for controlling, reporting, analyzing, and estimating. These procedures are generally streamlined through representative illustrations, tables, information modeling, flowcharts, and reports for proposed deliverables.

Integrating schedule data, physical progress, and costs incurred helps in measuring the productivity and improving the accuracy of the estimates. Moreover, frequent monitoring of the overall physical progress will help project management team track down pending matters.

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