Tips To Keep Your Construction Project On Schedule

It can be a complicated process to keep a construction project on schedule and meet required deadlines. Costly rework, change in plans, scarcity of resources, adverse weather, and subcontractor default are some of the factors that can make it extremely difficult to deliver a project on time. Failing to meet the deadlines can have a negative impact on your company’s reputation and profit. It’s extremely important to make sure you do everything in your capacity to deliver on time. To make things easier, hire a reputable third-party project controls company that has the tools and experience to make your project a success. Here are some tips that will help you keep your construction project on schedule:

Review everything

In order to get every aspect of construction under control, it is useful to review every detail of the scope of work. Study and understand the construction specifications, goals, drawings, planning and other project documents. You can use simple tools to keep track of everything linked to the project management. It is important to coordinate with the material suppliers to ensure they will deliver the right material quantities. An expert project controller understands how to properly allocate adequate resources and time for each activity and task. Having effective communication with subcontractors will help eliminate ambiguities and inconsistencies in the documents.

Have a contingency plan in place

As mentioned earlier, there are so many things that can go wrong. To effectively deal with unexpected situations, analyze and master your schedule, and highlight potential risks that may cause troubles down the road. Mitigating and resolving various issues before they get out of control requires a contingency plan. It is a good idea to assign overtime if your project is behind schedule. A contingency plan may include all the possible schedule delays and strategies to manage them.

Measure progress

Measuring progress with detailed reports will help you keep an eye on the difference between what was planned and what has been achieved. If there is a gap between the actual timeline for completed tasks and your schedule, adjust other variables to reduce the gap. There’s not much to worry if some activities have been accomplished earlier than scheduled. It is not common to come across a large construction project going ahead of schedule. An independent field progress measurement service is essential when it comes to measuring the performance of large projects.

About SPS

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