Fast accurate construction imagery for Commercial, Civil, infrastructure, petrochemical, and heavy manufacturing construction sectors.

A beneficial construction project tool; for planning, marketing, progress documentation, historical records, safety hazard identification and logistics problems.

Commercially Certified pilots operating under Transport Canada licenses, provide high resolution aerial photography and video of construction sites. We deploy unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to provide construction inspections (visual data) at a fraction of conventional airborne survey costs

Our pilots are proficient at handling the challenges associated with flying in active construction environments, and are able to safely and rapidly document construction activities that were not cost effective option in the past.

SPS has flown thousands of survey miles throughout central and northern Alberta under varied conditions. We have considerable experience collecting airborne imagery for projects, monitor progress, and create marketing materials, at high and low altitudes to meet a wide variety of project requirements.

Our construction UAV Aerial Photography provides:


An aid for project planning, progress monitoring, safety, reporting, and marketing.


Crews with extensive experience working on active construction sites, Transport Canada licensed.

Document Progress

Clear high definition photos provide near real-time information on construction progress.

Cost effective

Fast turnaround of quality images at a lower price than other aerial photography.

We can provide complete construction aerial imagery in accordance with your project requirements and company procedures.

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