Construction Estimating

Accurate estimates for the planning effort to facilitate project success.

We provide accurate cost estimates, combining estimating experience and software tools to streamline the estimating process.

Construction estimating is a complex process involving numerous iterations. SPS uses project proven methods to build estimates, including the technique of bottom-up estimating also known as analytical estimating, to produce highly accurate estimates. Through the development of estimating software tools, estimates are compiled within the limits of achievable accuracy at a considerable cost savings over the traditional methods.

Estimates are further refined to include aspects that impact productivity: such as labor overtime, crew size, crew composition, weather, accessibility, equipment access, work area congestion, location and work area elevation.

Statistically, there is a very low probability of completing a task in an exact duration. In reality things do not always go according to plan. Therefore, our estimators apply three point estimating techniques and Monte Carlo simulation tools to account for risk within our estimates.

During execution when project progress is available, estimates are automatically updated to ensure they remain relevant. Estimated rates of placement and expended costs are fine-tuned based on actual measured project data. The system produces timely and accurate estimate information which is necessary to manage projects and ensure a successful project outcome.

Our construction estimating procedures ensures:


Fast and efficient highly detailed estimates


Consistent process across all projects


Streamline workflow and reduced errors


Ongoing ratification throughout the project

We can provide complete auditable estimates in accordance with your project standards and procedures.

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