Quantity Surveying

Comprehensive measurement and estimation; required for strategic project execution.

All-inclusive multidisciplinary project data necessary for contract, cost, and schedule control.

Your construction projects are complex, and require numerous competencies to accurately quantify construction costs. We successfully leverage our project controls expertise in estimating, cost management, and project monitoring to help your construction project make a profit.

SPS uses a modern automated approach for data collection, and processing to ensure projects are working with complete concise construction quantities for estimating, scheduling, costing, monitoring and control. Our automated method to produce the bill of quantities from local data, available through designers, contractors, or manufactures libraries creates a benchmark in professional construction practice. This allows us to cost effectively provide the following QS services.

  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Quantity Take-offs
  • Cost Planning
  • Cost Control
  • Cost Scheduling
  • Construction progress reporting
  • Monitoring & reporting construction costs against the budget
  • Invoice attestation
  • Change Order Evaluation
  • Contractual Claims
  • Post Contract Cost Control

Quantity surveying Services:

Quantity of Materials

Construction quantities are created using accurate repeatable automated software tools.

Cost Management

Cost estimating, cost management, cost analysis, forecasting, and reporting tailored and integrated with client systems.


Proficient evaluation, dispute resolution, and generation of claims that save project funds.

Our job is to make quantity take-offs as accurate as possible by using all engineering and design data, and processing it through our highly efficient automation tool.

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