Independent Field Progress Measurement

Using advanced software solutions, for improved construction progress measurement.

Providing; timely, accurate progress information that is essential for executing, controlling, and monitoring projects.

How can you manage it if you don’t measure it?

Traditional methods for progress measurement tend to be manual, error-prone, and time consuming.

Over the past decade, SPS has developed construction progressing software that we use to rapidly and accurately record progress. Construction measurement data is collected through automated and streamlined processes that provide significant cost and time savings. As a result fewer project resources are required for progress reporting activities.

Data is consolidated in one central repository and available for integration in planning, risk management, cost control, forecasting, claims management, change control, and at close out archived for use on future projects.

Project teams are provided cost effective accurate progressing data that they can trust enabling teams to better control and manage their work.

Our progress measurement solutions offer:

Work performance data

Performance measured against the baseline, take action to control the project per the plan.

Increased Visibility

Easy to track real-time progresses, analyze, and evaluate performance and enable continuous improvement.


Cost performance reporting incurred costs, liabilities, projected costs and estimates at completion.


Forecast future performance by extrapolating the current performance.

Providing cost effective progress measurement for projects to effectively execute, monitor and control construction processes per the approved project plan.

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