Integrating project solutions for effective project planning, executing, monitoring and control.

A Cutting Edge Approach To Project Controls

Cutting edge technologies by means of project information models, 4D construction simulations, aerial drones, and fabrication robots are transforming the way construction projects are managed today. Convenient access to essential information in real time has proved invaluable in making effective plans and implementing strategies that help minimize risk and reduce project cost. At SPS, we are proud to stay at the forefront of innovation and provide project services that our clients can count on to effectively achieve their project goals.

Construction Estimating

Estimates based on competencies in business, software, communication and construction. Estimates are generated using stakeholder input, project documents, historical data and project 3D models. With the aid of software tools, fast accurate project estimates are generated at reduced costs.

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Construction Scheduling

Our construction scheduling tool can be integrated with 3D project models, as well as estimating data. Realistic schedules require more than good data, which is why we use construction sequencing and simulation tools to improve schedules through stakeholder engagement. Creating realistic schedules that are translated into 4D construction simulations, we can further optimize your schedule and provide a better utilization of time.

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4D Construction Simulations & Presentations

Humans are visual communicators, processing images 60,000 times faster than text. Visual presentations are the easiest means for us to communicate and are essential for our learning. Large construction projects are complex in nature, making visual construction simulations an excellent tool to communicate the construction plans. We have developed software that rapidly combines 3D model data and construction schedules to produce highly detailed 4D construction simulations. These presentations allow the audience to quickly understand a project based on the proposed construction methodologies and project schedules. Visual presentations are used for construction bids, stakeholder communication and schedule analysis.

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Aerial Survey

Commercially certified pilots operating under Transport Canada licenses provide high-resolution aerial photography and video footage of construction sites. These pilots are proficient at handling the challenges associated with flying in a construction environment and can safely and rapidly document construction activities that were not cost-effective in the past.

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Independent Field Progress Measurement

To effectively control schedules and budgets, project variables must be measured with complete accuracy. We produce consistent, accurate, third party progress information compiled by individuals who understand the multidisciplinary facets of construction. Progress reporting is aligned to project needs to facilitate identification of variances requiring intervention and corrective action.

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Quantity Surveying

Quantity data is vital to project estimates, schedule, and budget accuracy. We compile the most detailed and comprehensive construction caliber quantity take-offs possible. We go beyond traditional boundaries and use all available information sources while compiling data for a project. Electronic takeoffs are prepared from 2D project documents and 3D models to provide data consistency and accuracy in an efficient manner.

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Quantity Surveying

Cost Management

Construction costs should be planned, quantified and measured over the course of the project against the approved plan. SPS has developed an automated solution to manage construction expenditures against the project "cost plan" and "approved budget". Software tools combined with experienced cost managers have allowed us to provide comprehensive and accurate cost estimating and reporting methods which are tailored to your project requirements.

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Project Controls Reporting

Knowing the status of a project in terms of time schedule, completed work and consumed budget is vital for effective project management. Our progress measurement reporting provides transparent, accurate and consistent construction status information. Over the span of many years, we have refined our process and created proven systems to efficiently monitor, analyze and report construction status against the approved project plan.

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Project Information Modeling

Project Information Modeling, like BIM (Building Information Modeling), ties project information to graphic elements in any standard 3D project model. Integrated project information across the project spectrum provides greater opportunities to make informed decisions and keep the project profitable. Our information model is laced with features that provide accurate current information to help plan, construct and manage the project effectively.

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Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) & Workface Planning (WFP)

With integrated cost, scope and schedule data, SPS-insight software delivers advanced work packaging; amassing the scope, project documentation, equipment, resources, materials and tools necessary to execute the scheduled work in accordance with the construction plan. Industry studies have pegged the potential productivity improvements from WFP or AWP between 10 and 25%, which equates to a reduction ranging from 5 to 10% of the total installed cost.

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Piping Hydro Test Packages

Our workflow for hydro test package generation is automated. We create complete test packages prior to construction rather than during execution. This process helps save time and project costs, providing greater definition of hydro testing for efficient planning in advance. Test Packages are integrated with advanced work packaging to improve productivity and reporting.


Quality Assurance (QA) Test Records

Automated solutions for test record generation, including weld map drawings, are the key features of our QA service. We provide a fast, correct, and cost-effective alternative for compiling QA documents that are in sync with the work processes.


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