Project Information Modeling

Information models provide the ability to easily view and access data using a 3D model user interface.

Similar to the advent of the smartphone, Information models are a project controls game changer.

Modern software technology has completely reshaped the way we manage construction projects. Through the use of information models, SPS has gained expertise and software capabilities to produce intelligent models for large complex projects. Information models provide discipline specific data to support construction, and project management. Using information models allows for a significant time savings over traditional methods used for accessing project information; improving productivity and shortening decision cycles.

Our Information Modeling solutions ensure:

Improved access to information

Prompt digital access to accurate project information and knowledge transfer that is web accessable

Superior Planning

Optimized construction planning enhanced by data integration and schedule visualization


Collaborating with models is easier than with drawing sets providing informed decision making, and improved productivity.


Provides the opportunity to simulate and visualize project aspects, delivering optimization prior to execution.

We started using information models on large projects in 2010, for easy fast access to project documents at construction sites. We quickly discovered that integrated information across the project provided greater opportunities to improve productivity.

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